Overview of the Automotive Supply Chain and Its Future

Globalization has been a wild wave of progress and development that nations and peoples around the world have been riding for many years. Most of us have long been convinced […]

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Chip Shortage and Its Impact on the Auto Industry

There’s always so much in the news about the automotive industry; from new technology to electrification; groundbreaking design to company and brand takeovers. One story that has been particularly dominating […]

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Winston Churchill: A Lesson in Leadership

“The failed campaign led to the humiliation of the British. Churchill was dismissed from his cabinet position, excluded from the War Council, and allowed no hand in the further conduct and administration of the war…Gallipoli has become an enduring symbol of the worst kind of military folly and waste.”

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Where Can I Buy Car Parts in California?

According to ibisworld.com, the auto parts manufacturing industry in the US is worth a staggering $71 billion in 2021. On top of that, the wider automotive aftermarket industry is worth […]

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car tax

Should You Use Your Tax Refund to Buy a New Car?

It’s difficult working at a car dealership in January and February. After a busy holiday season of spending far too much money on gifts, parties, travel and other festive expenses, […]

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looking for best car

Battery Vs. Green Vs. Gas – What Should You Consider?

The year 2021 is an interesting time to be buying a new car. This is quite a unique period where we have three broad categories of vehicle to choose from: […]

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Auto Financing Explained

Buying cars seems to be getting easier and easier, with an increasing number of innovative platforms, especially online, that are all seemingly designed to streamline and speed up the overall […]

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buy car in America

The Typical Car Buying Process in the USA in 8 Steps

Americans have different tastes and different needs when it comes to cars. Some want sleek sports cars, others want budget-friendly pre-owned sedans, others need large family SUVs, and so on. […]

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buying a car

How to Negotiate with a Dealership

Does the idea of having to negotiate with a savvy car dealer fill you with dread? If it does, don’t be surprised. It’s the case already for the vast majority […]

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car buying with poor credit

Buying a Car with Poor Credit

With so many cars currently being bought on finance, be it via a car loan, lease or some other arrangement, having a good credit rating before heading to new car […]

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